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 b.viiv.d.avs 3.18 KB
 golden (edit) (remix of duo's ''cafe de duo'').avs 3.72 KB
 hurt (optimized).avs 3.24 KB
 i am your oracle (visbot 14-th version).avs 3.73 KB
 mario overkill (remix of dynamic duo's ''carousel'').avs 4.36 KB
 mms ii (remix of yathosho's ''sector movements'').AVS 2.78 KB
 nuclear sky of summer ten thousands and seven (visbot 12-th version).avs 5 KB
 optiñal (visbot 12-th version).avs 2.36 KB
 seasons collapse (remix of dynamic duo's ''kirschblüte zwei'').avs 2.08 KB
 shadow of 718.avs 4.06 KB
 shadow of 719 (visbot 12-th version).avs 4.3 KB
 sky (edit) (remix of tuggummi's ''let me out'').AVS 4.22 KB
 sorry, we've been fcuked (''combustion burn'' eidt).avs 3.85 KB
 squared static iteration (minor colormap edit).avs 1.92 KB
 tiled layers (visbot 14-th version).avs 1.85 KB